Warm, Natural Quality • Efficient, Economical & Beautiful

Our logs are economical, high quality logs with distinctively warm, natural beauty. The logs used are Douglas fir and Lodge pole pine. They are harvested from standing trees in the Yellowstone State Forest and surrounding areas. Because of the elevation that the trees are grown, they are very dry and dense hardwood. The moisture content is between 5% and 15%, which means the logs are very dry and there is a much lower chance of settling, unexpected cracking, warping and twisting.

Energy Efficiency Wood is one of the best insulators. It is considered four times better than concrete block, six times better than brick and fifteen times better than stone. Wood absorbs warm air from inside of the home and releases it slowly back inside at night as the temperature drops. The massive walls of a log structure are also natural passive solar storage systems. If a home is sited properly, that is with deciduous trees providing the shade in summer and allowing full sun in the winter, the home gains energy efficiency.

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